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salaklyon's Journal

Time to update my journal, me thinks. I've been doing LiveJournal for a few years, and I'm still pretty in love. I like to write out my thoughts, musings, ideas, hopes, dreams, etc...I also like reading other people's stories. That's one of the great things about LJ. For my part, I'm a geek of all kinds, my main areas of geekiness tend to lie in music (all kinds) and foreign cultures (primarily European and Asian). I'm a freakishly open guy, which also means I've heard and seen mostly everything and nothing surprises me, but I'm always hoping to see and hear and experience more. So thus, that's me in a nutshell. Look at my interests and make judgments thus, as I like think the things I like define me better then I can in a little description box.
abba, air, alanis morrisette, alcazar, alfred tennyson, amy tan, amy winehouse, anime, annie, asia, ben folds, björk, blonde redhead, brenda lee, buffy the vampire slayer, charlotte church, charlotte gainsbourg, chinese, chinese poetry, chromeo, chungking express, conway twitty, courage the cowardly dog, crystal castles, dance off pants-off, daphne du maurier, daria, dark shadows, david sedaris, desperate housewives, donna summer, doris day, drawn together, duran duran, emma bunton, enigma, enya, europe, europeans, fairly oddparents, family guy, faster pussycat kill kill!, final fantasy, final fantasy viii, fiona apple, fleshquartet, flunk, foreign cultures, foreign languages, françoise hardy, freezepop, futurama, geri halliwell, german, germany, girls aloud, godspeed you! black emperor, goldfrapp, grace jones, gwen stefani, h.o.t., harpsichord music, hiking, hilary duff, his dark materials, home movies, hooverphonic, international music videos, jem and the holograms, joey yung, john keats, klaxons, korea, korean, korean poetry, kylie minogue, lee jung hyun, lee soo young, libraries, llamas, madredeus, marilyn monroe, mew, minneapolis, minnesota, minnesotans, moloko, morcheeba, muse, music, music videos, neil gaiman, nelly furtado, nicole kidman, nobuo uematsu, olivia newton-john, oscar wilde, pam grier, park jung hyun, patrick wolf, peggy lee, peter bjorn and john, phantom of the opera, poe, polysics, radiohead, reading, robot chicken, russ meyer, röyksopp, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, schlager musik, sealab 2021, serge gainsbourg, sex and the city, shakira, shin-chan, sigur rós, sophie ellis bextor, south park, spice girls, star ocean, stina nordenstam, sugababes, suikoden, t.a.t.u, the automatic, the carpenters, the concretes, the hours, the killers, the l word, the shanghai restoration project, the sounds, tori amos, tudor period, twins, uhm jung hwa, v for vendetta, vanessa-mae, virginia woolf, walt whitman, wonder showzen, wong kar-wai, writing, xena, yelle, yonderboi, zero 7